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If you have purchased a used car and want to transfer ownership of the vehicle to your name, you need to complete the process of changing the vehicle title. The basic process for changing the vehicle title is as follows:

  1. Complete the transfer procedure: Complete the transfer procedure at the local DMV. Relevant documents such as the seller’s and buyer’s ID, vehicle registration certificate, etc. are required.
  2. Payment of relevant taxes and fees: relevant taxes and fees need to be paid
  3. Sign relevant documents: The seller and buyer need to sign relevant transfer documents, including the vehicle registration at the DMV .
  4. Obtain a new vehicle registration : After completing the transfer procedure, the vehicle registration will be replaced with a new registration, showing the new owner’s information.

The basic process of registration as follows:

  1. Apply for replacement: The vehicle owner submits a license plate replacement application to the DMV, fills out relevant forms, and provides relevant documents such as the original license plate number, vehicle registration, and ID.
  2. Pay relevant fees: Based on the vehicle owner’s situation, the DMV will determine and collect the license plate replacement fee.
  3. Obtain new license plates: After the application is reviewed and the fees are paid, the vehicle owner can obtain new license plates.

The service will help customers quickly complete all of the above procedures, greatly reducing the time required for the process and providing customers with a more convenient and fast channel for business handling.

Customers need to prepare the following document in advance:

  1. The original Title signed by both the buyer and the seller
  2. Car insurance within Nevada
  3. Vehicle registration
  4. Smog check


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