Teenager(15.5-17) 50 Hours Driving Lesson



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The driving training all inclusive package is a preferential service provided by Favor Driving School, that is, if the student fails the test, Favor Driving School will promise to provide additional guidance and support for the student until the student passes.

This package includes 50 hours of pre-exam practice: This package provides students with a full 50 hours of driving practice before the road test.

Make an appointment for the road test: including helping students to make an appointment for the time and place of the road test, reminding the students of precautions, and providing students with test preparation before the road test.

Renting a school car for the test: Provide the instructor’s car for the trainees to use to ensure that the trainees can get used to and familiarize themselves with the vehicle before the test.

Two-class practical driving education courses: including 2 practical driving education courses taught by professional instructors to help students better understand and master driving skills.

Maximize the pass rate of students within one year: According to the individual situation and ability of the students, formulate the best learning plan, and strive to get the driver’s license in the shortest time within one year.

We will help you until you pass the test, valid for one year: Provide one-year valid car learning service, if the student fails to pass the test within one year, we will continue to provide assistance until the student succeeds.


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